From Sunshine Coast to the Great Dividing Range

We have set up camp on a friend's farm in Pittsworth. We are really grateful for our friends having offered us a place to park the caravan in exchange for a little garden tidying, which we will love. It means we have a whole week to catch up with friends and family in Toowoomba and Pittsworth before we head south. 

After arriving, we reunited with Tim's parents. The boys were so excited to see nanna and poppy arrive in their truck after 5 months separation (N & P have been touring Australia's top-end.) 

So lots of cuddles and enjoying each other's company. 

It is totally picturesque, and deafeningly peaceful :) Don't you love it when the only noise around is your own voice talking - and when you stop... just a breeze blowing. The weather is stunning. 

The boys loved our first night of watching the tractor dragging the fire harrows as the sun set.

We plan to be here for a week. Over and out for now :)