This is it - the first day of our new adventure

This is it - our big day of our life on the road, turning nap times into driving journeys. 

It has been a seriously big project, packing up an acre and 35square home with 2 young little ones and not just a move across houses, but a massive and complicated change in lifestyle. Every single thing we owned and all our little ways of doing things were evaluated (with lots of stuff sold, packed, modified) so we can live on the road instead. Feels amazing to be here on settlement day!  And our Bluebelle house looks beautiful after all the fixing and polishing, inside-and-out and especially the gardens. I've felt a little teary, walking around acknowledging every step of our journey here ... Every seedling raised, the hard work we both put in (especially Tim with his constructions) and remembering good times with friends and family here - especially when they all helped us pour concrete. What was once scrub is now a stunning property and we will want to return in a while to see how tall and colourful the garden has grown. It's a very special place to us. 

We have also been squeezing in as many social catch ups that we can, with loved friends and family, especially for our little boys. Their friends have been nervous about us leaving and we've had a few teary 'byes'. The only thing that feels strange about this whole adventure is why we would drive away from such amazing and close people who make our life amazing. Thank god for Facebook, Skype and phones - we will be hugging the coast so we stay in reception as much as possible. 

Our first camping stop (starting today) is Caloundra for 7 days, on the beach. Then Toowoomba for a fortnight, then back to the Gold Coast for a week or maybe two, to catch up with friends and family before we head south on the first part of our spontaneous exploration in this great country of ours. I'll put a calendar widget on this site so you can see where we are roughly planned to be, and will update this blog with our adventures regularly. 

Dusty with best friend, Sybella, we will miss all his beautiful friends so so much. 

Maxie and I will be doing a lot of this kind of travel over the next week! 

Tim and I agree that the thing that gets our hearts the most is taking the boys away from their home - and the attachment they have to their outdoor place space. If only we could take Maxie's swing and Dusty's pet chooks. What will Maxie say every morning if he's not shouting 'Wing' at me with urgent finger points towards his swing set? How many tears will Dusty shed when we say that Goldie and Ami can't come? 

Our routines are all changing ... I can only wonder what life looks like around the corner. It'll be both exciting and grounding for us as a family. And totally exciting as we learn to live on farm-gate food and as resourcefully as possible. I am so thrilled that we will learn to reduce our consumption and to respect our country, and to fully get in touch with our values and dreams as individuals and as a family. And being all together, with no work commitments and a life of complete freedom, we couldn't ask for anything more. Whoppeee!!