Sydney, baby!

Heading further south through NSW, we were driving down the highway towards Sydney passing these enormous rock walls, totally blown away by the changing landscape in the Mid-Coast. 

We had planned to NOT go into Sydney on our big trip, just because it could be a nightmare to drive the caravan through the city. But oh - as we got closer to Sydney, I just wanted to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge! On WikiCamps we found a caravan park not too far from the Highway called Lane Cove - and voila, we were taking a detour into Sydney. 

Our 2 days there were an amazing whirlwind. The caravan park was just off the motorway and centred in national park and wildlife reserve, and a short walk from the train station. We were so excited to be taking the boys into the city by train, then across the Harbour by Ferry (several times). 

We spent a fortune doing all the amazing things you do in Sydney ... Sushi at Manley, Ice cream at the Opera House, Pizza and Pasta at The Rocks, Lattes at Datlington Harbour, sweets by Adriano Zumbo in the Queen Victoria Building. We pushed the pram from Darlington Harbour up the streets of the inner city them back to the Opera House, then around the beautiful streets of Kirribilli, probably doing about 20klm by foot in one day ... We had short breaks from walking while riding on the ferry or train, while our littlest, Maxie, napped in the pram.

Took so many photos - can't possibly show everything we did, it was a whirlwind. We LOVED Sydney and our experience there set a new bench mark - will anywhere else give us this same thrill and excitement? Let's wait and find out :)