Autumn Arrives

May, 2016

This is what you will find at Shelly Beach - #7 Beach in Australia - at 5pm in Autumn. We are so thankful we can call this our local swimming spot.

The colours of my morning in for  also. Avocados - preserving and making chocolate breakfast smoothies. Pineapple - preparing for fridge containers awaiting little fingers that steal pieces during the day. Grapefruit - juicing to store and use in dressings. Turmeric root - boiling with cinnamon and ginger for tea with honey. Saucepan - full of root vegetables and Asian flavours for breakfast (and dinner tonight). Loved my morning touring our home-place checking in on our food and picking macadamias, pecans and turmeric for our day.

And as usual, a little more sightseeing. Revisiting this coastal temple - I never run out of love for visiting lighthouses in Australia !! Arakoon, NSW