Bring It, Spring

September, 2015

#1 priority for Maximilian and Dustan. Eat and grow. Eat and grow. Spring is shining upon these little men.

The weather is still a touch chilly on the mid-north coast and we still have the fire heater burning morning and afternoon, but in my mind winter is yesterday's news :) I'm done with Winter! We started Winter early this year when we arrived in Tasmania in January for a 'record cold summer', so I can't express how excited I am for warm breezes and late balmy evenings under the stars.

I was told the old schoolhouse was known as 'Summer House', something to look forward to here. Spring is giving us a preview of the best that's yet to come. 

The garden is bountiful, the flowers in bloom, the birds crazy with excitement, and the bees noisily harvesting. I just wish I could share some of the stunning images I see everyday in this valley ... for me, the scenery is both startling and soothing. (It would help if I kept my camera charged, but hey, there's nothing like panoramic feature on the iPhone to catch the wide-ness of the beauty, hey).

Our driveway meets a short section of bitumen on dirt road that runs the crest of the hill in this valley (we've discovered, a dangerously fabulous lightening spectacle in evening storms).

And inside, the Spring cleaning is done and dusted ... And we are enjoying being settled in and everything having its place. 

So, I'm awake again. I'm running my meditation classes every Wednesday and Thursday and marketing & creating like I've found a giant playground. 

Tim's business is taking off and he's adding to his supply of services and machinery with a new excavator and range of buckets (and clients). 

Bring it, Spring. This is the season for breathing the earth's beautiful image of new growth, wonder and fresh health. I'm in it :)