Happy Wonder-Full New Year with Dusty’s Wonder Bug

As a new month in a new year begins I want to share something I reconnected with in my heart, about the TRUE reason I wrote Dusty's Wonder Bug. And this explanation will probably not be what many thought :) 

From my journal, June 2015.

"Dusty’s Wonder Bug – it was so much more than a book about eating healthy food and re-defining treats as what we see growing in the ground. If it was just a book about healthy food, it would have been called the Healthy Food Bug. 

No it was called Dusty’s Wonder Bug because this was really about Wonder, and about everyone really taking the time to open their eyes and see what’s happening in front of them, and being intrigued, and fascinated ... seeing that not everything can be controlled by our own words and actions, but there’s a lot about life that’s growing all by itself. 

And it’s about creating that awe in us, where we step back and just marvel. 

And then we’ve got the added wonder of something that’s been created externally ... being the perfect fit for our body. Nourishing us, giving us life. 

It’s just about opening our eyes really wide, and finding things to help us do this. It’s the opposite of being stressed or anxious or depressed or internal in worry. 

And as the qualities that can carry into adulthood start with childhood, it's about realising that we can put ourselves out there, and we can focus on what’s happening around us that’s really very magical, and we can let ourselves just surrender to this magic, and spend some time with it."

Happy New Year from me and the children who inspire my creative work in the field of wonder.

- Joanna Becker

I have new books and creative visualisations 4 kids coming in 2017.