Kinder At Home

June, 2015

We haven't made enough juice or lemonade to get through our mountain of lemons, so I was pleased to have visitors yesterday to share schoolhouse lemons with - even if our visitors were unexpected. Our visitors were locals, with a truck full of water for our tank. 

The water tank for the house had drained empty over night, and I had woken up to a dry tank (save the tears from me leaning in to check the water and sobbing in despair). We spent all Tuesday figuring it out, and by 9pm the owner and Tim had it sussed and repaired.

But asides from that major hiccup, our boys and I have had a really relaxing time, just doing the homeschooling 'kinder' thing at home. These were the images I loved from our past few days. 

Dusty writing and illustrating a picture book about a dog floating in a bubble.

Maxie getting into the dirt holes after the plumbing was dug up. 

Dusty with his glass marble arrangement of an elephant. 

Maxie's secret creation - stuffed goodies in his water bottles.

Dusty posing for the camera, after taking photos of me and Maxie - the next photos were taken by Dusty.

... Oh and I mustn't forget the pecan & carrot cake my little boys made today... 

Ingredients - carrot, cinnamon, SR flour, honey, oat milk, eggs, grape seed oil, ginger and pecan nuts, lovingly squished and stirred by 2 blondies :)