May, 2015

The boys have played through another week in the old schoolhouse blissfully naive to the logistical problems Tim and I have been wading through. A pile of problems as deep as a pile of autumn leaves, and just as easy to clean up, and even laugh about.

And just as we have swept up the leaves of this pecan nut tree everyday, with the boys rolling and laughing, we've almost fixed our phone and internet problems, and we've waited while the house toilet was installed, washing machine was connected, and while the water tank was fixed by the owners. We can now do washing and use the toilet and drink the water (well, now that we have installed a filter after the tank became tainted with fire ash). A second water tank was delivered yesterday and will be installed over the next few days.  

And when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right? I'll have to make time for lemon juicing, next week!

We've laid carpet to keep the concrete floors from freezing our toes and to keep the chest coughs at bay. We have weeded, and swept, and raked, and whipper-snipped, and picked fruit - a whole lot of lemons, oranges, pecan nuts, kale, basil and mint - and Tim has cut fire wood. We've  cleaned up the shed (set up for a dog house) for the boys to use as a cubby house and a little undercover room for crafting and painting. 

It is gradually feeling more like our little space and it's becoming prettier every day.

And at the end of a wet rainy day, we get warm in front of the fire. It's not only the little boys who are tired after a big day of outdoor garden play :)