Like A Local

May, 2015

What I've found (and been surprised about) since moving here, is that the towns are pretty far apart and the fuel stations and supermarkets are few and far between - compared to our old stomping ground anyway. 

Because I didn't think about it first, I had to make a 40klm trip east to get fuel so I could head west for the homeschool meet up. 

It was fun to meet locals at the meetup (when I say 'locals', the distances between two families was just under 200klm! Needless to say the meet ups are only fortnightly).

Our boys had a ball playing the gross motor team games including blindfolded hockey races, piggy-backs relays, tunnel ball, shot put, and an almighty water bomb team fight to decide the winner ('the team who is driest wins the day'). I was pretty involved and laughing my ass off and only remembered the camera at the end!

We visited the closest Steiner school, which is 8klm (20 minutes) by dirt road through the forest. The children were sweet and we might go for a playgroup session. 

In the meantime, we've bought enough firewood (and Tim has cut a load) to keep the wood heater running continuously. Dusty had the idea to make and serve up lemonade to the hardworking wood-choppers so he busied himself with the juicing. Unfortunately the chopped wood has taken over their undercover play space.

And the rain has started again. But this makes Maxie happy, because worms (Wooms!) are easy to find.