Our Dream Home - Moving in and Settling

November, 2015

... We found what we were looking for. 
12 months after we sold our house on the Gold Coast and set off in a caravan to find land we could be inspired by - it was right there the whole time, we drove past many times and we ruled out every other possibility - we finally let ourselves buy our dream property. 

In September 2014, when we shifted into our caravan, we learned how to minimize our living needs and reduce our footprint on the earth, changing habits. There was still so much more we could do. Now we bring these lessons to our farm where we are also learning from the locals. You might like to keep visiting us via this page to see our new spontaneous 'firsts' in learning about self-sufficiency methods as we discover a new meaning of community. 

Tomorrow is our 7th day here. We've had a huge week re-organizing and mending sheds, trans-planting our veggies & herbs into the vegetable garden with some extra TLC, setting up composting systems including a tour around the paddocks collecting manure, grafting a favourite orange variety into existing root-stock, getting to know the water tanks and pumping system, painting internal walls etc, all with the generous help of our folks. Thank you thank you thank you mums and dads!!!