Sightseeing in Nambucca Valley and Surrounds

July, 2015

We still are happiest when we're sightseeing in the car and seeing what Australia, natural-made environment and man-made environment, has to offer us. The life of travelers on the road, sunset views from the car's front windscreen. I took this near Kempsey, mid-coast NSW.

Everyday I drive along the country roads and think to myself: It's just stunning country, mid-north coast NSW, 4 minutes from the beach. The world's best-kept secret. Here we are at nature's playground, Coffs Harbour NSW.

Just 2 trains a day ... The Nambucca train station, less than 5 mins drive to the beach. In shade and in silence -save the brief 3 minute commotion when the train calls in to drop off or pick up a few ...

Stand up paddle board and surfing comp at Scott's Head, NSW. Atmosphere here is salty and smily, everyone's laughing and getting out on skateboards and wave boards.

Bellingen on the 3rd Saturday of every month, hot food, live music & buskers, families, produce & local handmade, worth the trip into the valley.

We visited Bowraville and the small park alongside Nambucca River - before it branches off into South Arm and North Arm. There's only one kind of music to listen to when hanging out at a waterhole like this, and it's Ash Grunwald's heel-stamping kicking-back kind of acoustic blues. This is Bowraville, mid-north coast (rural) NSW, and we love what we see.

This morning we had very early morning visitors. I was so wanting the kids to wake up and see.