To Market, To Market

June, 2015

We had a stall at the Valla Beach markets on the weekend to promote my book, Dusty's Wonder Bug. I put a box of schoolhouse lemons on the table to draw interest (you know, with the book being about treats - real food grown in nature), and my fruit got a lot of interest. So I sent Tim home to pick more and he returned with kale, lemonade, oranges and lemon, and we made $35 in 35 x $1 coins by 11am. We had a giggle. We sold it way too cheap, apparently. The good news is that my books reached the right hands in the process, and copies will be ordered into the Nambucca Valley libraries. 

The little boys were wonderful sitting there, drawing and juicing lemonade at the table. 

My last market down here was the Port Macquarie Foreshore Market. It was also stand-out, fantastic food and produce on offer. There's a whole bunch along the coastline, we'll find it impossible to get bored on the weekends.