Valla Rural

Yesterday I opened the boy's craft cupboard to see what the strange noise was. I found the chook, Ivory, next to the egg she laid. 24 hours locked in there and counting, she got out pretty fast. 

Here are the cows crossing the road on the way to preschool a few days ago. 

And here is a snapshot of the work that took place here at the old schoolhouse over the weekend to install a new water tank and re-plumb the house.

The owners worked so, so hard. We are all so relieved that the set up is now 'concrete' - we should have normal water supply now - and there should be no more bathroom & laundry flooding, and the leak in the ceiling should hopefully be fixed but we'll keep an eye on that one. Plus, the house will stop moving on the foundations in the kitchen corner too. (We've been really worried about some of the stuff we've seen happening to the house during our stay here, but the owners have addressed all the problems now and have sunk a lot of money in to fix problems the previous owners hid.) 

So after a tough first couple of months for the owners and for us as tenants, this week marks the beginning of a new chapter for us here at the schoolhouse - and it's all looking positive.

In other news, last night the Pacific highway had another crash, and for the second time in a fortnight all light vehicles were sent on a lengthy detour around rural Valla. Rural Valla is dirt road through the forest with no street lights and the occasional goat, cow or wild pig. Cars need to drive steady along this road, and most cars took it easy last night, but the occasional cowboy sped through at 80klm/hour nearly wiping out 4 other cars on the tight bend in front of us. Living on the road is usually peaceful so it was unsettling when highway traffic was traveling through stirring up the dust.  Check it out!

I've been run down and Tim's has a bad bout of tonsillitis. We've used up the last of the firewood to boot. Tim needs to take it easy a few more days so we have a delivery of wood coming to us tomorrow. Looking forward to evenings in front of the wood heater again :)

July, 2017