Winter Woolies

June, 2015

The last 2 weeks has seen us withdraw indoors for couch time and cosy dinners, and venture out briefly to explore and search for community. We are feeling we have almost found the corner that we fit in, in this large section of seaside country. 

Creating connections with different groups of parents and children, like the homeschool group, Steiner school families and beach community families, has forced me to face up to being the new person in the neighborhood, a really strange feeling for me after 30 years on the Gold Coast.

Dusty is having a whirlwind play event at preschool, and Maxie on a smaller scale at playgroup. In between, we've been riding bikes on the beach and through state forest, and hanging out in our damp, wood-smoky, garden (yes, the rain still freshens the landscape up every second day, and the cool temperatures give us good reason to keep the wood heater burning away day and night). 

I think we are falling in love with this seaside town. Community, cafes, work, beaches, towns, valleys and rivers, forests and farms. We are adjusting (a little bit sulkily) to the lower pay rates for work, and to the distance away from most family and friends, just because it is so irresistible to live in this region for a while. 

It's hard to not try to plan for the future everyday, as usual. Somehow, this place needs to stay apart of our lives... 

But for now, it's the middle of winter, and we can keep decisions low-key as we rest after our big 8 month trip across the states, and as we get settled into our favorite rhythm here in this old schoolhouse. It's a nice place to spend these short days and long nights. Happy Winter, it is.